Troubled actor Orlando Brown was back behind bars on Monday, June 4. The former child star was arrested in Las Vegas and booked on narcotics possession charges after being stopped by authorities who had been scouting out an area of the city known for high drug and prostitution activity.

According to reports, officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department started scoping Brown out once they witnessed him entering and exiting a sketchy motel that has been on authorities' radar. Brown was pulled over shortly after driving off from the site and was then cuffed after he reportedly refused to cooperate with the officers' inquiry into what he was doing within the vicinity. A search of his car turned up a pipe and a substance that tested positive for meth.

What made the arrest more devastating was that Brown had a domestic violence-related warrant out for his arrest when he was nabbed. In addition to possession, he has been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest.