A good night turned sour for unexpecting patrons at a Colorado bar.

The Mile High Spirits bar was the place to be Saturday night near downtown Denver. As the streets lit up with lights, music, and good times, the ring of a gunshot followed behind causing mayhem and fear.

The Mile High dance floor was alive as customers crowded around enjoying their time. One person, in particular, who had all eyes on him was the man controlling centerstage. As on-lookers were delighted by his freestyle dance moves, he took advantage of the moment to shut it down with a flip...and shut it down he did.

The unidentified man squat down into a stance that led to a successful backflip. However, before he landed on his feet, a gun flew out of his holster and onto the ground. Once he realized his gun was out, he attempted to pick it up when it accidentally fired, and he walked off.

People scattered and chaos was in place by the sound of what just occurred. It was eventually discovered that a man was shot in his lower leg.

Come to find out, according to the Denver Police Department; the accidental shooter was an off-duty FBI agent.

The victim was brought into a hospital for treatment and is told to be in good condition. Details on whether criminal charges will be filed have yet to be decided.