Azealia Banks gave her input on how Kanye West can get back to the "Old Kanye."

Banks, or the troll Queen that some like to call her, was on her job critiquing the music industry, per usual. A tweet from UK transgender model and activist, Munroe Bergdorf, caught her eye where Bergdorf questioned Ye's allowance to say whatever he wants without repercussions from the black community.

"So we cancel Azealia Banks, Omorosa, Stacey Dash, Chrisette Michelle for their entire careers for supporting Trump.

But Kanye gets put on the naughty step for a relative 5 minutes for stating ON VIDEO that 'slavery sounds like a choice' and that Trump is his 'boy.' Misogynoir."

Of course, Banks took advantage of her idle time to repost the comment with a suggestion for Mr. West. Rather than acknowledge the theme of political bias, the "Anna Wintour" artist expressed her disappointment in Kanye's latest music. She called his album "trash" before helping him figure out how to get it back on track.

"He need to call Amber Rose and get some p***y because her p***y gave us Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Kanye Kardashian has no magic."

Who knew that was the secret ingredient to Ye's hits all this time?