Stephen A. Smith was forced to pardon LeBron James for Thursday night's (May 31) Cavaliers loss to the Warriors, given his 51-point performance against the defending champs.

JR Smith, on the other hand, didn't have a prayer once it was the veteran ESPN analyst's time to debrief the debacle. Smith the journalist ripped Smith the basketball player to shreds.

“You talk about asleep at the wheel ... That is as inexcusable of a mistake as you can possibly mistake,” said Smith as he sifted through another one of his passionate rants, at JR's expense. Smith said that he was rendered speechless by the Cavs guard's lack of cognizance the moment he grabbed George Hill's missed free throw and strayed from the basket with 4.7 seconds left.

Smith was apparently so incensed that he couldn't refrain from labeling JR "brain dead" and writing his choice of actions "idiotic" and inexcusable. Cleveland fans were heartbroken to see their team come within a layup's reach of gaining the advantage in the series with a victory.

JR would spend the night trying to explain what went on, but has given conflicting accounts, thus leading many to wonder if in his mind the game was already over with LeBron and the bunch in the lead.