A recent video hit the web and went viral, and it shows a teacher making fun of a student for being in remedial classes. The video was originally uploaded to Snapchat by the taunting teacher, but the student's sister reposted it on Facebook.

The incident took place at Jefferson Davis High School in Montgomery County. In the video, the teacher records a young man dressed in a green hoodie while he sits at a desk and completes his work. Another male teacher is helping him but begins laughing at the jokes the teacher behind the camera started making.

“Get that lesson. You’re the only one. Get that lesson. This is what happens when n***as be thinking you be playing," she taunted. "Y’all know me. I’m petty. … He must have took this to the altar this weekend or last weekend at church. It’s the only way. Don’t be ashamed now. Because you weren’t ashamed during the school year. We need to put this on your (Snapchat) so all your friends can see,” she continues while attempting to show the young man's face.

After the video hit the web, Montgomery County schools spokesman Tom Salter released a statement that read: “After viewing what appears to be glaringly unprofessional actions by a teacher recording and posting this video (and possibly other MPS employees in the room), the system is launching an investigation into the matter. The actions on the video do not represent the policies of MPS or what is expected from a Montgomery Public Schools educator. After the investigation is over, appropriate and necessary actions will be taken against anyone found to have violated MPS policies.”

Source: rawstory.com