Footage of Milwaukee Bucks rookie Sterling Brown being tased by police officers has been released and is currently circulating the web. Brown was detained by police in the early hours of the morning on January 26. The incident began when an officer approached Brown for parking his car across three spaces in a parking lot. After Brown refuses to answer non-pertinent questions, the officer calls for backup which ultimately led to Brown being tackled to the ground and tased.

In the video, which lasts for about half hour in its entirety, the first officer approached Brown and asked, "You don't see the issue here? You're not parked across three lanes?" A short debate ensued, which escalated to a point where the officer called for back up."You had time to park across these lanes here, so we're going to wait a little longer," he states cooly when sirens can be heard approaching. After two squads arrive, the officers surround Brown and jump him when he refuses to remove his hands from his pockets. "I got stuff in my hands," he states before four or five officers take him down. While on the ground, one officer screams, "taser, taser, taser," and the sound of Brown groaning in pain can be heard immediately after.

Brown plans on filing a lawsuit against the Milwaukee police department. Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales stated in a news conference just prior to the footage being released, "I am sorry this incident escalated to this level."