Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. The Black Mamba was a killer, his shot would crumble his opponents. Since Kobe retired two years ago, he's devoted his time to investing and building his brand. According to Forbes, Kobe earned an estimated $680 million during his twenty-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers. The 5-time NBA champion is looking to grow that into a billion dollars.

Dressed like a true businessman, Kobe Bryant was approached by TMZ on Monday and asked about his feelings on the recent sports betting law change. The Supreme Court struck down a federal ban that stopped states from governing their own sports gambling laws. "I'm not really sure, I haven't had a chance to digest it," commented Kobe when asked how the change in law will affect professional sports. "I'm sure it will have an impact," he concludes.

The TMZ reporter slips in one more question as Kobe attempts to leave. "With the lottery coming up, what do you want the Lakers to do?," he asks. "Win," Kobe replies simply. When the reporter asks the former Laker if he thinks the team should add another member of the Ball family, Kobe answers, "If it'll help win!"

Source: youtu.be