You can call him the "Smooth Criminal." Sort of.

Surveillance video shows an alleged crook dancing as he breaks into a California business. reports that David Seale pop, locked and dropped it after successfully breaking into a Fresno office building.

The video is pretty funny-- you can be the judge of Seale's dancing skills.

According to police, Seale had a copy of the building's keys. Security video shows the 43-year-old going in and out of the building 10-15 times over a 10 hour period last week. Cops say Seale did this during the graveyard shift, between midnight and 10 am. He made off with a laptop worth $2,500 and some cash, only to return the computer Tuesday morning. Fresno Police Lieutenant Joe Gomez said Seale told them he was doing business as an attorney in the building.

You're probably wondering how Seale managed to continue his heist into business hours without anyone noticing. That wasn't the case. It is reported that a female employee saw the burglar, found him suspicious and locked him out. He allegedly said, "You can't keep me out" and continued using his key. Authorities note that it isn't clear how Seale got a copy of the keys in the first place. In the meantime, the firm has changed the locks and plans on increasing security.