Philadelphia 76ers baller Joel Embiid took some heat after his team was knocked out of the Playoffs by the Boston Celtics, though he chose to put on a positive face despite fans expressing their disapproval at TD Bank Garden with a chant of "Embiid sucks!"

“When the fans told me I suck, I just want to show them that, you know, I don’t,” said the Cameroonian native. “I’m much better than you guys think. And I know they know that, too. But it’s just fun to do. In the third quarter, that’s when they were doing it, and I felt like I needed to take over. It wasn’t enough, but I love being in that type of environment.”

However, there is one former Boston baller that wasn't buying into what Embiid was selling. Celtics Hall of Famer Robert Parish tore into the 24-year-old center during a Monday appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio.

When asked what he would have done if faced up against Embiid, Parish didn't mince words.

“Run his jock strap off, for starters, because he’s not in shape,” Parish said. “I would make him play defense and run his jock strap off every chance I got. By the fourth quarter, he’d be drained. Trust me on that.”