On her Instagram page, Nya Lee posted what appears to be a heated DM conversation between herself and Cardi B.

It's not clear what sparked this particular exchange, but Cardi starts off, "I find it so funny how you be on my dms [trying to] get close but you be doing shady sh*t. EAT A D**K hating a** bi**h. I peepin the funny sh*t keep the same f*****g energy when you come around me."

Nya responded, "Girl bye ain't nobody shady you deserve what you have because out your consistent hard work I DON'T LIKE YOUR FLOW AND DELIVERY and i have the right to my own f***ing opinion so get out of your pregnancy hormones b***h CAUSE YOU KNOW IM FAR FROM THE ONE TO PLAY WITH."

The exchange continues, with Cardi saying Nya begged her to hop on a record with herself and Kash Doll. From there, both push each other to pull up. Either way, Nya seemed conflicted about posting the whole thing. The caption reads in part, "It's just so troubling to me that the same people we praise for women empowerment are the same ones tearing other up and coming female artists down. The media often times brushes things under the rug for their favs but this literally hurt me to my soul and I really understand now what it feels like to be attacked by the same artist you cheered on."

What do you think of the exchange?