Recently, Ralo was locked up after being taken in by the FBI. The rapper was accused of being in possession of almost a million dollars worth of marijuana. Along with that, the rapper’s apartment complex that he owns in Atlanta was raided. Now, Ralo has spoken on his current situation.

The rapper spoke to Rashad Richey of ‘Real Talk With Rashad Richey’ on 1380 WAOK News & Talk to discuss details. While speaking on his situation, Ralo touched on having power and influence over his community, and his inspirations.

The rapper said Jeezy was an influence on him but in the wrong way. Ralo noted “Other rappers of my generation at the time; they never told me I was wrong, they only told me ‘Let’s Get It.’ They only told me to do that, so I wanted to trap or die, I wanted the ‘let’s get it.’”

Listen above.