XXL 2017 Freshman Class member Kamaiyah had a horrible start to her weekend, as reports out of Connecticut are detailing her arrest at Bradley International Airport for her alleged refusal to comply with Transportations Security Administration (TSA) agents.

According to reports Kamaiyah (Kamaiyah Johnson) was more specifically taken into custody by state troopers after she escalated a dispute with agents who insisted that she remove a headcover to be inspected after it set off an alarm. The Oakland rapper became "aggressive" and ultimately stood her ground and refused to leave the Windsor Locks site according to officials.

"Johnson was pulled aside and spoken to by troopers and she steadfastly refused to remove her headgear to be inspected. She was advised unless she did as she was told by TSA, she would not be allowed to proceed through security and not allowed to fly," stated the police report.

The "How Does It Feel" rapper apparently didn't see the incident unfold in the same light. She would later take to social media with a couple of tweets that she has since removed. "I'm never going to Hartford Connecticut again I had to bail out of jail for wearing a bonnet in their airport that showed me enough about what type of place it is," she wrote in one of the posts.

The bond she alluded to in the tweet cost her $5,000. For as much as she now hates the northeastern state, Kamaiyah will inevitably have to return to make her June 6 court date to address a judge about what went down.

Source: tmz.com