Chris Brown is being sued by a woman who claims she was forced to perform sex acts on one of his friends during a party in the singer’s home, according to court documents filed at the Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday (May 9).

However, according to Chris Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, the lawsuit is nothing more than a cash grab by the accuser. Speaking with TMZ, Geragos alleges that if the claims were valid in this matter, criminal proceedings would take place against his client—not a civil suit.

“If any that of were true, it would have been criminally investigated” Geragos explained. “Obviously it was, and it was rejected… I guess the fact they made a demand for 17 million dollars and I told them to ‘go pound sand’ probably explains the press conference.” When asked if the accuser’s law team demanded the $17 million, Geragos replied, “In another era, we would have called this a shakedown.”

Geragos went on to say that Los Angles are not shy when it comes indicting his client, highlighting the fact Brown faced charges for his pet monkey earlier in the year. Yet, Geragos maintains that Brown is a “target” and he will fight hard to squash any accusations floated his way.

“Chris is a target,” Geragos explained. “For the last ten years, anybody who comes at him should know that they’re going to meet the full force and brunt of my firm when they come after him.”