Victoria Waldrip, better known by her social media persona Woah Vicky, recently tried to raise her notoriety by releasing a video in which she hurled insults at Snoop Dogg while brandishing a rifle. Unfortunately for the 18-year-old, the stunt may have backfired.

The Blast is reporting that the Marietta Police Department in Georgia has taken an interest in the video which Vicky posted and then deleted from her Instagram earlier this week.

In the clip, Vicky is seen standing with two friends while thrusting around an AK-type rifle and screaming insults aimed at Snoop Dogg. “F**k you, Snoop Dogg, p**sy b**th … you probably got AIDS with your old ass … you look like a Chihuahua with your old ass!”

Also seen in the video is one of Vicky's friends who threatens to "piss on" Snoop's face while holding a baby bottle full of yellow-colored liquid in front of his crotch.

The other friend, brandishing a pistol equipped with a laser sight, is heard threatening to "cap yo ass."

An MPD spokesperson tells The Blast that detectives are aware of the video and are reviewing it to see if any crimes have been committed and if a full investigation is warranted.

Vicky released an apology video following the backlash over her threats to Snoop, telling viewers that she apologizes for ever offending anyone.

See the clip up top.