Detail, the Grammy-winning producer who's cut hits for artists including, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, and Wiz Khalifa, is facing accusations from two women who claim he raped them and committed mental and physical abuse while purportedly working to make them big stars.

Court documents obtained by The Blast show that two women named Peyton and Kristina filed for restraining orders against Detail on Tuesday. The orders were reportedly granted and he is to avoid contact with the women until a hearing later this month.

In the court documents, Kristina claims she was the victim of "daily manipulation" from the producer and that he once raped her while in Miami earlier this year. Kristina goes on to claim that Detail forced her “to have vaginal/anal sex with him after recording songs on multiple occasions.”

Both women also claim that Detail would sometimes pull out his penis and make them "kiss it."

Detail allegedly promised to make both women stars on the condition that they “had to do exactly what he told me to do to make it in the music industry.”

Additionally, the producer would allegedly control what they ate, when they slept and recorded their conversations with others.

In the most recent incident which allegedly occurred within the last week, Kristina says Detail screamed at her, grabbed her by the hair, and banged her head against the ground.