They say this is a big rich town-- but is there room for two kings of New York City?

The Jasmine Brand is reporting that Power is gearing up for an offshoot. It would star Larenz Tate, who plays Councilman Tate on the series. His character, a shady politician, first appeared in season four of the popular Starz program.

Other current cast members will be making appearances throughout the spinoff as well. This could mean some key characters may not be killed off. No one's identities have been revealed just yet. Everything surrounding the series is still in the very early stages. However, nothing has been finalized just yet.

50 Cent is one of the show's co-creators as well as one of its stars. He has not been known to hold his tongue from anything, especially on social media. While he has released the trailer to Power's fifth season, he hasn't said a peep about a possible spinoff yet. Neither has Showrunner Courtney A. Kemp nor the possible face of the series, Larenz Tate.

For now, current "Power" fans just have to sit tight. Season 5 premieres on July 1st.

How do you feel about a "Power" spinoff? Would you watch it?