Instagram model Celina Powell has followed through with her promise to share the results of a paternity test that she's been telling fans she recently had Offset take. And if the paperwork is at all authentic, it does appear to concur with her claim all along that he, in fact, is the father of her two month old child.

In an interview with Hollywood Life last week, Powell went into detail on an encounter she alleges to have had while serving the Migos rapper with a court order to comply with her request that he be tested. She explained that she hit the rapper's team up to find out about his exact whereabouts upon learning that he was in town to perform at a venue within proximity of her Colorado residence. According to Powell, she was successful at pulling the information from manager Danny Zook by pretending to be the promoter organizing the event.

On Saturday, April 28, Powell took to Instagram with a screenshot of the alleged Labcorp results that has since been deleted. She also released a recording of her opening up an envelope that had some documents enclosed.

After hollering out in satisfaction over what she was reading she showed a page bearing Offset's given name (Kiari Cephus) and confirmation that “There is a 99.99% probability that the Obligator is the biological father of the child(ren) named in the above referenced court case."

Many who came across the various posts expressed skepticism over the validity of the paperwork, seeing how Powell has made false claims of paternity towards rappers in the past.