If one thing was for certain amidst all of the question marks being raised over the nature of Kanye West's return to the public eye, it was that 50 Cent wasn't going to just allow the week to pass without having something to say about it. So it didn't come as a surprise that he was back on his bully on Thursday, April 26, and this time with Yeezy in his crosshairs.

Fiddy apparently felt like he could show his followers what comes to mind about Ye's controversial Twitter rants, more than he could tell them. Posting the template of a magazine cover headed by the Trump name, the Power producer drew all kinds of acronyms and emojis for laughter based on the image that was superimposed atop. It presented what looked to be a wedding photograph that was edited to replace the heads of the original couple with those of Kanye and the President.

In the picture, Yeezy played the back as the man, with his head on the shoulder before him. Propped before his face was a bust of Trump pasted over the body of a woman donning an elegant white dress. About all that Fiddy could add to the post was an inquiry into who could have been behind the satirical piece.