As he often has whenever he's gone off on one of his public tangents, Kanye West made a number of lofty predictions about what his future will hold, during his most recent Twitter take-over. Among them is the acclaim that he foresees critics will have for the new music he is slated to soon put out.

Kanye has had a rocky history with the Grammy Awards, in spite of his standing as one of its most prolific artists. Since his 2003 studio album debut (with The College Dropout), Ye has garnered 68 nominations and is on the cusp of being listed among the ten winningest artists of all-time, with his 21 trophies placing him at a tie for the 11th spot with Jay-Z and Vince Gill. In regards to his work as a composer, he is second only to Quincy Jones, among the winningest producers in the award show's history.

Still, over the years, Kanye has continually expressed frustration over being denied the credit he feels that he has deserved. Such animosity led to it being widely reported that he was included amongst a group of artists, from Justin Bieber to Drake, who selected to protest the 2017 telecast over The Recording Academy's poor track record of honoring contemporary Black music.

He never personally substantiated any particular reason for his absence from the affair, but many didn't find it a coincidence that he was sitting out just one year after Taylor Swift used her Album Of The Year award speech to clap at him over the way he represented her on The Life Of Pablo track, "Famous."

Now it appears that Ye is primed to make a Grammy come back for the ages. He planted his flag in a tweet he published on Wednesday, April 25, that read: "I'm turn the Grammys into the Yammys."