Quite the delivery ended up in Spain from the Colombian port of Turbo. The contents included nearly 10,000 tons of cocaine hidden in 1,080 boxes of bananas in a shipping container.

ABC News reports it's one of the largest ever seizures found in a single shipping container in Europe. Authorities arrested six people in Lyon, France, Algeciras, and Malaga.

It wasn't made clear by officials exactly when this all went down. However, they did say police last inspected the haul on Sunday. Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido said, "The magnificent work of the security forces and bodies in the fight against drug trafficking makes it possible for numerous seizures to take place. But today is not just one more [seizure], because we are talking about the larges apprehension of cocaine in a container made up to now in Europe."

Back in July, 2016, Romanian officials found 2.3 tons of cocaine, again, hidden in banana crates that came from Columbia, amongst other countries. In September of that same year, cop in Spain siezed nearly a ton of cocaine-- also hidden in crates with bananas--that showed up in Algeciras. Last March, Spanish poice took 37.5 pounds of cocanie just under half hidden in fake bananas made of resin.