YBN Nahmir may be one of the younger artists breaking into hip-hop at the moment, but that doesn't mean he'd associate himself with the SoundCloud rap movement responsible for breeding the careers of Lil Pump, Trippie Redd, XXXTentacion, and several others from his age bracket. The image that has become synonymous with the platform's subculture is just something that the Birmingham native says he cannot embrace.

"I ain't no SoundCloud rapper, man. I'm not like these other n****s. I don't got to prove my point to be hard to nobody, you feel me? I don't gotta act hard," Nahmir said during a recent appearance on Big Boy's Neighborhood. "Bro, people be getting tattoos, like face tattoos, to be hard. You feel me?"

Nahmir told the audience tuned-in to Real 92.3 for the show that he's come face to face with more than a few tatted spitters who didn't keep the same energy when the heat was on them. It was in observing how some of these individuals turn around and posture for social media that Nahmir says he was eventually turned off and motivated to stop waving guns in his own videos.

Ultimately, Nahmir says, he just can't identify with how artists are portraying themselves in that whole wave. "Them n****s is weirdos. Lames, all that. Junkies, bro," said Nahmir. "That's all that they is, is junkies, bruh."