Two sorority girls-- one from Pennsylvania State University and one from William Patterson University-- have the internet in an uproar after two separate videos surfaced online where they both gratuitously use the "n-word."

Officials from William Patterson University identified one of the two women in the videos as one of their students. On Twitter, the school condemned their actions saying in part, "We are disgusted by this behavior which does not reflect our values or those we expect from our students." reports that one video shows a Penn State student wearing a school jacket repeatedly shouting and singing "n***a" in an elevator. Another student, @Seunthesctivist identified her in a tweet. "Her name is Jasmine Barkley. This is my university Penn State. Beyond ridiculous. @penn_state y'all already know the deal. Just do your thing." The other video shows that same student alongside another blonde who asks if she can say n***a if it's part of a song.

That tweet prompted Penn State to release a statement. "Penn State's embrace of diversity & inclusion, and opposition to prejudice & hate are clear. We condemn racist messages, as they are hateful and violate our institutional values. We cannot, however, impose sanctions for constitutionally protected speech, no matter how offensive."

A member of the William Patterson Greek Senate Executive Board says she has resigned from her position.