Tekashi 6ix9ine decided to insinuate a personal connection between him and Blac Chyna.

Not even a full 24 hours has passed since Chyna announced her "single" status on Instagram. The dust didn't settle before 69 took it upon himself to hit her up, publicly, about some questionable matters. The self-claimed "King of New York" should actually be named the King of Trolls after commenting under the public figure's picture that she allegedly left her "sweater in the back seat" of his car.

There's no confirmation to see if there are any side dealings going on with the two, so we'll leave it to your imagination.

Though his social media antics have slowed down since a random hiatus announced by 6ix9ine's management, Tek has been productive by preparing the release of his "Gotti" music video today. This is good news for Tekashi fans who may be fearing his retirement from rap. His one-year notable stint in the game may be considered brief but for he made it clear in via social media that's he's done all that he's wanted to do.

"...Ima quit rapping this year. I accomplished everything I dreamed of in 5 months."

It's safe to assume that oppositions are counting down the days if he's serious.

Source: sohh.com