Jim Jones headed off into the weekend having sat down with Angie Martinez ahead of his latest release, but the OG rapper did more than just fill the veteran rap journalist in on the new "Wasted Talent" album. He reflected on his mended relationship with Cam'ron, spoke on Juelz Santana's arrest, and even ventured beyond Dipset chat to acknowledge the talent of cross-town mogul 50 Cent, whose knack for trolling recently sparked something of a friendly rivalry between the fellow gym rats.

"50’s one of those dudes that as soon as you wanna be like, ‘I hate this n***a,’ he does some s**t like make ‘Power’ and you’re like, ‘Ah, f**king guy’s a genius,’" Capo said of Fif. The Roc Nation rapper shared some insight into the nature of their relationship as guys from different camps who came up through the streets and the industry together in the same city. He notes that over the years they've developed an "awkward bond" due to the dynamics of "an awkward competition between the circles that we’re all close to."

Jones' comments were prompted by Angie's inquiry into Fiddy's back and forth with him over the rigorousness of their workout regimens. Fans will recall his Queens counterpart poking and prodding with comments and video clips mocking Jones after he announced that he was back to lifting after taking some time off to heal an injury. It was all fun and games to Jones, nothing that he hasn't come to expect from the homie. But in knowing full well of 50's gift for flipping mockery into money he couldn't help but propose that they do something more with it.

"We talked and told him we should probably do as show or something for fitness week and make a few dollars off that s**t. He was like, ‘Figure that out,’" said Jones.

Source: sohh.com