The NYC rapper Tekashi69 is killing it all around. He just landed a substantial commercial deal - a "modest" $4.9 million for his exclusive personal color of headphones. TMZ reports that as part of the deal the rapper 6ix9ine will get color red for TUNES headphones. Tekashi is supposed to promote the headphones as part of his brand.

Asked why they have decided to go with this particular rapper, TUNES Audio responded that according to them, Tekashi is "the newly proclaimed king of NY and they're looking to rule the headphones market."

Reportedly, a percentage of sales will also go to the charity Kids In Need. TUNES Audio added that they are hoping to create more such deals in the future. The above news is, of course, really great for the rapper who just at the beginning of the week was possibly going to jail.

As pointed out by, the controversy over his guilty plea over the use of a child in a sexual performance hasn’t stopped one brand from wanting him as a spokesperson.

TUNES Audio headphones have a history of hiring "kings" and "queens." In the past, they recruited model Blac Chyna as a spokesperson for their wireless headphones and speakers.