T.I. and Gucci Mane have bumped heads this week about who is the official creator of hip-hop's trap music sub-genre. Both Atlanta rappers feel they are the inventor of trap and have been very vocal about it.

Both Tip and GuWop were actively creating trap music in the early 2000s. However, T.I. took to social media to lay out chronologic history about trap music and when he first used the phrase in his music. While Gucci may have been making trap music, his debut album Trap House was not released until 2005.

Whereas T.I. points out he used the phrase on a 2001 song. The Kang uploaded a snippet of one of his music videos and wrote: "This s***s obviously goin over y’all heads...so.... I guess I’m gon take the High Road & Just let y’all carry on in the ignorance of fake news... but for those who care for statistics & Facts... this is 2001. I’m serious. “Dope Boyz & The Trap Ni66az” Y’all stay classy....✌🏽."

Then when a fan tried to interject under the post about trap music already existing prior to the song or his sophomore album Trap Muzik, T.I. debunked the claim by saying it could have existed but he coined the phrase and brought it to the masses. "Except the term/phrase/genre 'Trap Musik' had not been created," he explained. "It wasn't a thing yet... it's like saying 'back in the 80s when I was using the internet. ... It wasn't invented yet or matter the words or similarities it was created until 'Dope Boyz' (if I'm being petty) but 'Trap Muzik'".