Marlon Wayans believes that if Tupac were still alive, he would not be taking well to some of the hip-hop being put out today; namely, that which depicts the kind of lifestyle Lil Pump has been known to glorify in his music. Neither is Wayans, himself, a fan.

The veteran comedian says he doesn't relate to the whole over-the-counter drug culture that has been ushered in, calling the lyrics to Gucci Gang, for example: "official crackhead-ness."

"As I get older I don't look at hip-hop the way I used to. I don't connect with... I'm not into this, you know, this whole era: 'Ah, we poppin' Xanax and molly, and you know, doing all kinda prescription drugs. I don't even do prescription drugs when I got a toothache," Wayans says during the series premiere of Pigeons & Planes' 'Delete Your History.'

Wayans spent much of the episode recounting the relationship he was fortunate enough to have developed with Tupac while coming up as a burgeoning actor/comedian in the 1990's. He'd also touch on his appreciation for how long Jay-Z has stood the test of time, and confessed that he aspires to experience more and more abundance with age, much like Hov has.

But, figuring out how to be relevant in the genre during these times would be a struggle for him considering the direction the content of the music is going in. Seeing how someone like Jay could evolve from talking about hustling to talking about investments, it doesn't make sense to Wayans that rappers these days are gloating about using drugs to throw it all away.

"I like Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci.. because I could say the s**t. That's all I know. And then, once he sang Gucci gang; [sic] spend all my rent on cocaine... n***a why'd you do that for? The f**k is wrong with you?" said Wayans.