Houston rapper Maxo Kream is facing some heat over the way his camp handled an incident involving a fan who threw an object up on stage during a recent stop along his Punken tour.

While overlooking a lit crowd who had come to see him perform at Alamo City Music Hall on Saturday, March 31, the 2018 XXL Freshman Class candidate was hit on the hip area by an object said by some to have been a cigarette lighter. Incensed, Maxo asked supporters to help identify who was responsible for the act, and upon the individual being pointed out he walked over towards the end of the stage she was standing before and began to tell her off. Moments later, she was being escorted out of the venue, but not before members of his team proceeded to soak her with water and snag the wig she was wearing off of the top of her head.

The following day Maxo took to Instagram to clear his name in light of claims that he led an attack on the humiliated concertgoer. He also vowed to make the situation right with the fan, who he identified as "Asha" in the post.

"I’m a grown man with sisters and a mother. If anybody was to pour water on them they’ll get dealt with. What happened to Asha is some bulls**t that should happen to nobody," he wrote in the caption of a video of him amping up an audience. "I wanted security to escort her out not pour water on her. She paid money to see me and have a good time not get embarrassed. Imma fix this on God."