Fabolous got support regardless of domestic allegations.

Even though the Brooklyn rapper has been in negative headlines, something in him told him "the show must go on." That was very evident at a New York City show at Terminal 5 where he shared the stage with Lil Kim.

After TMZ released a disturbing video of a family dispute, some viewed Fab in a different light. Footage showed the rapper being held back by who looks to be a security guard while arguing with ex-girlfriend, Emily B's, father. The artist yelled at the patriarch threatening him saying there are some bullets "with his name on them." Emily B was seen crying, "That's my dad!" before Fabolous began walking over to her when she ran the opposite direction.

His lawyers made it clear that the video doesn't exactly show him committing a crime. Allegedly, tempers flared that day when Fab went to his home looking for his guns, which were removed by the father.

Turning himself into police and possibly facing aggravated assault and making terrorist threat charges didn't change some minds at the Saturday night appearance. Fans cheered as Fab thanked them for showing up, loving and supporting him.

Stay locked in for more developments in the case.

Source: tmz.com