Stormy Daniels is now the most popular adult film star on the planet.

It wasn't her onscreen talent that landed her such a prestigious position though, but instead, her scandal surrounding an affair with Donald Trump has propelled her to stardom. Daniels sat down with Anderson Cooper in a 60 Minutes segment this past weekend and revealed intimate facts about her sexual encounter with the president.

Although the affair occurred over a decade ago, in 2006, Trump was still married, and the drama has only put a spotlight on the president's misogynistic manners. Stormy details how she spanked Trump, and how she was never coerced and abused. She claims she slept with him in what she considered a business deal, to further her career after he promised her a spot on his show, The Apprentice.

Rapper Boosie Badazz feels some way about Daniels spilling the beans on Trump. Although his political views may not align with Trump's, Boosie still dislikes seeing an overly publicized scandal. "I’m sick of these groupie bi**hes always trying to get money after they f**k n don’t get s**t," wrote Boosie in an Instagram post. His post featured a picture of Daniels, with her mouth wide open.

“ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY “ It’s the new quick hustle for H**S💯💯you wouldn’t saying that when yo mouth was like this," concludes Boosie.