The system is supposed to protect witnesses and victims before they are scheduled to take the stand in violent cases. Unfortunately, one young girl in Michigan was slain before she had a chance to reach the stand to testify against a man she claimed raped her last year.

According to, Mujey Dumbuya, who was found dead and partially clothed in in Kalamazoo on Jan. 28, was strangled to death. Forensics proved that the 16-year-old girl was killed by "asphyxia, including strangulation."

Quinn James is currently facing trial in Kent County Circuit Court for sexual assault charges. James is accused of sexually assaulting Dumbuya last summer. Dumbuya was dating the nephew of James' fiancee, Tiara Burnett. Daquarius Daymont Bibbs, the nephew, claims that he held his girlfriend's hand while James raped her. The fiancee, Burnett, is being charged with perjury regarding statements made by her and James pertaining to "circumstances involving or leading up to the homicide of Mujey Dumbuya."

Police are investigating James, who has an alibi for their period of time where Dumuya was missing. In connection with the rape charge, he was free on a $100,000 bail when Dumbuya was strangled. No one has been arrested for her murder at this time.