Deion Sanders may not understand how social media works. On Twitter, a person with a little blue check mark next to their name is usually somebody with a little prestige. Either Sanders missed the popular Twitter symbol, or he just didn't know the feature existed, but the 50-year-old former NFL player came at Tennesse Titans safety Kevin Byard mistakenly on Tuesday.

Sanders recently stated that he believed the new Texans defensive back Tyrann Mathieu is the best safety in the league. Byard took to Twitter, to call out the controversial opinion. "How do you make this statement and not include the two first-team AP All-Pro safeties??," tweeted Byard at Sanders.

Sander, oblivious to the fact he was speaking to current NFL player, replied, "You're looking at who writers tell u who's the best I know who players and former players feel is the best. I rest my case. You continue to be a fan and i will continue being the man."

Obviously irritated, Byard responded, letting Sanders know that he was a current player. "I never said I was the best but I’m on my way. You continue to be a fan and I will continue going to the pro bowl and being great."

Byard also named players he believed to be better than Mathieu. "Harrison Smith, Earl Thomas, and Eric Berry."