For many recording artists, owning their own masters is a monumental goal. A master, or a mixed master recording, is the original copy of a song that all other copies are made from. In hip-hop, most records are split up into tracks. Each track holds an instrument or vocal that can be mixed separately. For example, when you listen to "Mercy" by the G.O.O.D. Music crew, each rapper's voice is on a separately recorded track. So is each instrument. When that version is mixed down, it's bounced, mastered, and copied. Owning that original recording is akin to owning your own art, and 2 Chainz just became one of the few rappers to do so.

Sitting down with Elliott Wilson and Rap Radar, 2 Chainz reveals that he renegotiated with Def Jam to own his masters. "Truth be told, 'Pretty Girls Like Trap Music' was my last album with them. I did a four-album deal, not no five," explains 2 Chainz. "I just resigned a couple more albums, got my masters, that's what's going on now," he continues.

"Ain't no rumor," responds 2 Chainz when Wilson states that he heard rumblings within the industry about the new deal for his masters. "That's the only reason I didn't go KD," jokes the rapper, referring to Kevin Durant leaving Oklahoma City to play for Golden State.