Lupe Fiasco was not a fan of our review of his review. If that sounds complex, let's start from the beginning.

On Tuesday (March 20), Vlad TV published an article that briefly covered comments that Lupe Fiasco made about Marvel's Black Panther. Although the Chicago-born lyricist did speak in depth about the movie on his social media, he felt the excerpts taken from his speech were taken out of context.

He responded to the article, just a few hours later via live stream from his Samsung cell phone. "All this Black Panther sh*t, with the Vlad sh*t bro," begins Lupe irately.

"They didn't post no video. The video been around, and (expletive) take this video, and put this sh*t up... all they did was do... and they had to have the video. Because they did quotes from it. I know you didn't do the quotes from memory, you not a stenographer," rants Fiasco.

He continues on to justify his review, in which he thought Black Panther could have been better. "If you would have posted the video, of me talking about Black Panther, you would have saw everything that I said about the film. And why certain things about the film were cool, why certain things about the film were kind of like... they left you wanting. But it left you wanting... not for some subjective sh*t of what I think. For real objective reasons. "

As an example, Fiasco states that he wishes Idris Elba was in the film. Elba plays Heimdall in the Thor films and is set to appear in Infinity Wars. It would cause a continuity problem to put the actor in both films, but Fiasco states that if they found a way to do it, the movie would have been stronger. He also voices his displeasure with remakes like Star Wars and Blade Runner.