The past couple of weeks have been rough on Lil Xan, and with his April 6 album release date fast approaching he's been doing the best he can to rinse the bad taste his ill-received 2Pac comments have left in the mouths of hip-hop music fans.

In his latest 2Pac related social media post, the Xanarchy rapper lifts his hoodie to show off an image of the late rap icon on his undershirt. "I f**k with Tupac, yo," he then smiles - after the person shooting the recording refers to him as a fan. The video comes days after Xan called Pac a legend before telling a crowd of supporters that he feels like the media has twisted his words in order to turn them against him.

Since characterizing 2Pac's music as "boring" and rating him a level 2 on a Revolt 'clout scale,' Xan has been openly condemned by everyone from Waka Flocka to Michael Rapaport and had a group of youngsters run down on him.

Over that stretch of time, fans have also seen his tone change, as he's gone from responding to Waka by saying he isn't going anywhere, to taking on a more humble demeanor while distancing himself from street rappers who wouldn't have run to the police like he did when some of Pac's youngest defenders were on his tail.