A naked, bloodied, and deranged Zay Jones was arrested following a bizarre struggle with his fellow NFL-star brother, Cayleb, on Monday night (March 19) and parts of the incident and its aftermath were captured on video.

Surveillance footage that TMZ released hours after Zay posted $20,000 to bail out of the medical ward at L.A. County Jail show him pantsless and shirtless as he wrestles to get past Cayleb in the hallway of a downtown Los Angeles apartment building.

The story behind the altercation is still developing, but according to initial reports, Zay had to be restrained from jumping out of a 30th-floor window inside of Cayleb's girlfriend's residence. In the video he could be heard hollering, "I'm going to fight for Jesus."

A cellphone recording taken after the incident shows bloody handprints left across the hall's walls along with blotches and drops of blood on the carpeting. The video also gets a shot of a glass door that Zay reportedly kicked a hole in and attempted to squeeze through during his fit of rage.

The LAPD would take the Buffalo Bills wide receiver to USC medical center for an evaluation and treatment before booking him on a felony vandalism charge. The Bills confirmed that they are looking into the ordeal and have released a statement that simply reads: "We are still in the process of gathering more information on the matter. At this point, we will have no further comment.”

Source: complex.com