You have to fail to learn. Fail hard and fail often. You're only as good as your last failure. Those are all phrases you may have heard in your life, now one company seeks to bring the world's greatest failures to one place.

The Museum of Failure opened up in Hollywood this month, bringing the traveling display to California for good. The museum features artifacts from the past which are some of the biggest company fails in recent human history. About 100 failures are on display at the Hollywood and Highland location. The exhibit was created by the same production company that assembled the traveling “Star Trek,” “Titanic,” and “Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel The Exhibition" displays.

Among the failed items are Colgate's beef lasagna and Donald Trump's board game. Trump's game aimed to compete with Monopoly, and featured the catchphrase "I'm Back And You're Fired!" Other items include spray-on condoms, Heinz Ezee Squirt colored Ketchup, the Coca-Cola/coffee mixture Blak, Pabst Blue Ribbon Mac & Cheese, and Crystal Pepsi, a clear soda. A wall of all the tested and failed Oreo cookie flavors is also on display.

Tickets range from $12 to $19, while children under six are free.