Within hours of WorldStarHipHop leaking a video that showed him being ambushed by Cheeks Bossman, Bow Wow took to social media with claims that the viral recording is actually four months old - and doesn't tell the entire story of what went down.

Followers were left to wonder who was who and what was going on when the clip initially got out. All it showed was Bow Wow and his clique walking away in the opposite direction of the stage at some unidentified venue when suddenly a man in a red jacket pounces on him. Because someone who was present during the altercation could be heard yelling out "What's up with that Future s**t?" it was assumed by many that the attack was retribution for him talking smack about the trap superstar.

According to Bow Wow, everyone is way off of the mark, and he can prove it. "All I’m letting you know is right now, on my daughter, it ain’t going down like that," he said in a recording that began circulating Instagram soon after the WSHH clip went viral. Bow Wow alleged that the incident went down in November and that while one may not be able to tell from the video, he actually got the best of Cheeks.

Bow Wow ended his response by promising to release a series of tweets that the girl who shot the recording put out as the incident played out live. Her account, as published by The Shade Room, does seem to support his claim, and adds details that he refrained from stating from his own mouth.

In the tweets, the witness (@MissBrownEyez_) notes that Bossman had apparently caught up with the squad to retrieve a watch that one of Bow Wow's associates supposedly snatched. What viewers apparently didn't see was the moment all rules went out the window and Bow Wow took over.

"I didn't catch the whole fight because I was surrounded by ppl. But he f**ked buddy up with the chair cuz he was limping," she wrote.