Tuesday marked a sad time for hip-hop after news broke that Bad Boy Records pioneer Craig Mack had passed away at the age of 47. While the coroner would only say that the rapper passed away from natural causes, his good friend and fellow rhymer Erick Sermon said the cause of death was congestive heart failure.

"Craig Mack called us about six months ago," revealed Sermon while speaking with TMZ. "And told us that he was real sick and might be dying soon."

"We (his close friends) kind of knew what was going on. He only had 25% of his heart that he was using, and when you would talk to him on the phone, he would kind of like daze off for 10 minutes at a time to catch his breath sometimes, and then he would come back to the phone."

Specifying that Mack was suffering from congestive heart failure, Sermon said that didn't keep the gravely ill rapper from wanting to keep working up until the end.

"Craig Mack wanted to tell his story before he left," said Sermon while referring to hours of interviews Mack sat through that later became part of a documentary.

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Source: youtu.be