When Steve Bannon left the White House, many thought it was the last they had heard of the racist former advisor to president Donald Trump. The joke was on them. Bannon has yet to give up on his mission to spread a message of far-right propaganda, and recently he stopped by a political seminar in France to make a guest lecture.

"Let them call you racists," Bannon roared to a crowd full of members of the French National Front Party. The far-right political party is a mix of populist and nationalist ideals. Far-right populist tend to believe that there is a group of people that threaten their way of life. Many members of the French National Front Party are opposed to immigration, which is akin to the Brexit movement, and the rise of Donald Trump in America.

"Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honor," continued Bannon.

Bannon also stated that "history is on our side" and "the globalists have no answers to freedom," before concluding with "God bless America and vive la France."

Spreading his anti-immigration rhetoric worldwide, Bannon also popped up in Rome to help solidify an alliance between two anti-immigration parties in Italy.