The cryptocurrency wave continues to grow, and now the estate of Ol’ Dirty Bastard is looking to hop in the game. It was announced that ODB’s estate partnered with Link Media Partners to create the “dirty coin,” which is “approved cryptocurrency and blockchain technology-based products for the Estate’s future music projects.” It was also noted the coin will fund future projects for ODB’s son, Young Dirty.

When purchasing the Dirty Coin, fans will have access to shows, tours, exclusive merchandise, and music from ODB as well as his son. The ODB token will go live on TAO Network [Symbol: XTO] and be traded on AltMarket, the exclusive cryptocurrency partner of Link Media Partners.

The CEO of Altmarket—Bryce Weiner, said “Music thrives creatively and financially when it’s in the hands of the artist themselves. By removing the price tag of experimentation, we’re able to deliver for both the artist and their fans.”