This week, Fox released the video of O.J. speaking about a hypothetical accomplice in his ex-wife Nicole Brown-Simpson's 1994 murder. Check out what he had to say above.

A shelved Fox interview with O.J. Simpson from the mid-2000s is set to air on March 11, and it reportedly shows the former football star speaking in the third person about the murder of his ex-wife. The interview was supposed to coincide with the release of the book, If I Did It, which was also shelved. The book and the interview proposed a hypothetical story about how Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered in 1994.

According to TMZ, the interview features O.J. speaking about an unnamed accomplice that was with him on the night of the murder. Simpson reportedly said that he went to Nicole's house to "scare the s*** out of her," and he wore a hat and gloves to amp up the scare factor. He then saw Ron Goldman, a waiter from the restaurant Nicole had just eaten at, return a pair of sunglasses that her mother left at the eatery. The site of Ron and Nicole together sent O.J. into a rage, and he blacked out only to come to with blood all over himself.

Source: tmz.com