Listeners who tuned in to Chicago's WGCI 107.5 on Thursday afternoon (March 1) learned that bringing up DJ Akademiks in a conversation will draw the same response from Nipsey Hussle that it will from host Tone Kapone. "He's a buster, he's a weird. N****s would whoop his a** in real life," Nipsy replied upon hearing mention of Akademiks. "He's behind the camera, and you gotta just let clowns be clowns, man."

After delving into the artistry and entrepreneurship that went into the production of the acclaimed Victory Lap album and his general rise in the rap game, Tone began to steer the interview towards Nipsey's take on the media's portrayal of the streets. With Akademiks long being the target of criticism from Chicagoans over the nature of the content he put out via The War In Chiraq YouTube series, Tone saw it fit to segue into that portion of their discussion by citing the Complex host. But before Tone could fully present his question, Nipsey seemed to already know where he was going, and he also apparently had an experience with Ak that he shared during the interview.

"I was on Everyday Struggle and I walked out, just because, you know, I'm not a clown. I don't come from that world of like, you make jokes," Nipsey said, before expounding on how he basically couldn't see himself engaging someone who puts a spotlight on what goes on in a life he knows nothing about and isn't held to account by the same standards as those living it. Nips completed his assessment of who DJ Akademiks is in the greater hip-hop landscape by alluding to him as an "instigator" and preaching that those who can't co-sign what he's about ought to simply "let him self-destruct."

Within hours of the Live With Tone Kapone interview going viral, Akademiks posted a video responding to Nipsey's comments on his Everyday Struggle experience. According to Ak, he was under the impression that Nipsey walking out prior to his scheduled appearance had to do with a miscommunication concerning the nature of the show. He says that Nipsey took specific issue with discussing Tekashi 6ix9ine's visit to L.A. and added that the West Coast rapper simply decided to keep it moving after he realized what Everyday Struggle is essentially all about.