Mary J. Blige's legal dispute with ex-husband Kendu Isaacs has forced her to give the 411 on her financial security that some may find shocking for an artist of her stature. According to court documents that have surfaced in public, although the R&B legend's presence continues to be an industry draw, she isn't seeing a whole lot of the money her name generates.

In her attempts to deny Isaacs as much of the spousal support money he is seeking from her estate as possible, Mary disclosed to the court that she is really depending on touring these days. She pointed out that because she is viewed as a "legacy artist," the bookings aren't translating into the kind of wealth one might imagine it would. For example, The Strength of a Woman Tour that kept her busy through 2017 only grossed $15 million.

What's more, Mary's team is posing the case that while married to Isaacs, the couple became responsible for $12 million in debt that as an unemployed partner, he never placed a penny down on. She says she also owes upwards of $25 million in record label advances, which of course, wouldn't be a problem if she was pulling in the lion's share of earnings from her 13-album deep catalog - but unlike many of the artists who've survived as long as she has, Mary doesn't own her masters.