While it doesn't seem like a full-blown beef, Rich the Kid and Lil Uzi Vert have been throwing shade at one another for weeks.

It all started after Uzi warned his followers not to sign with a DJ or a rapper, and Rich responded by telling Uzi that he should've signed with his label. Uzi responded back, telling Rich, "Boy, I'm not signing for 20 racks." Rich was later asked about signing Uzi in an interview, where he stated, "Maybe I would sign him on my business, but for personal reasons, I wouldn't sign him."

Fast forward to Monday (February 26) when Uzi and Rich rehashed their back and forth online. It started after Uzi uploaded a photo of him holding a giant crab, which he tagged with Rich's IG handle. Rich reposted the photo with the caption, "Aw look at my son @liluzivert tryna look jus like me," referring to Uzi's newly dyed green hair.

Source: instagram.com