The circumstances leading up to Meek Mill's incarceration are strange. Meek's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, stated Judge Genece Brinkley, who has been handling Meek's case for almost a decade, attempted to convince Meek to record a song for her. Meek also stated that the judge is jealous of his success and that she is a failed actress that is taking her anger out on him.

Recently, Tacopina sat down with HotNewHipHop to discuss the peculiar relationship between Meek and Judge Genece Brinkley further. In the interview, Tacopina states, "She made a big deal months earlier on the record to say, 'I can never speak to you without your lawyer Mr. Williams.' Then there's an instance where at the end of a proceeding, she asks to speak to Meek in chambers alone with Nicki Minaj." At the time Meek and Minaj were dating.

Tacopina continues on to say, "When Meek and Nicki came out of that private, in-chambers meeting, they both repeated a very troubling story that the judge had made a request of Meek to re-make a Boyz II Men song, Charlie Mack's band, by the way, 'On Bending Knees' and to give a shout out to the judge on the song." He revealed, "And Meek thought, and Nicki as well, thought they were being subject to a joke or the judge was kidding and when they left the judge said, 'I'm serious.' And Meek refused that request."