Drake released a surprise two-song EP that featured the track "God's Plan." Shortly thereafter the Toronto rapper was spotted in different parts of Florida providing charitable support to locals in the area. As it turns out, Drake was filming those moments to be the epicenter of the visual for the track. The near $1 million budget for the video was used to help those in need.

Drake paid for all the groceries of patron in the supermarket, gave scholarship money to a high school student, provided $10K shopping sprees for a few individuals, and supplied a homeless shelter with some funds to help contribute more to the community among other deeds.

The pay it forward mentality got a lot of attention from people on the internet mostly praising Drake for using his platform for the positive. He would then unintentionally start the #GodsPlan challenge where people would share their good deeds with him, though he never wanted to start a hashtag but genuine help and support of people.

TMZ caught up with Drake to ask him how it felt to give away the much money. "Man, it's one of the - exactly the best thing I've ever done in my life, to be honest," the 6 God replied. "For real." The reporter even asked how he would contemplate upstaging the gesture. "I don't know," he laughed. "Just keep helping."