Following his impressive showing at the 2018 All-Star Celebrity Game, ESPN gasped Quavo's head by tweeting that he "can now add MVP to his resume." But it was a particular response that showed up in the comments section of the tweet that had to provide a real sense of validation for the Team Clippers star - and it came from none other than the NBA franchise repped on his jersey, themselves.

"We got that 10-day contract for you whenever you're ready," a reply posted by the L.A. Clippers' official Instagram page read.

Many are vouching that Quavo proved that the skills he's exhibited in video clips that have circulated social media over the past couple of years are legit. The Migos rapper scored a game-high 19 points to help his squad put away a Lakers team helped along by Tracy McGrady and Nate Robinson - by a score of 75-66.

Although the Clippers have recently made some moves that would indicate they're open to trying something new, it is far from likely that they'd really be primed on rolling the dice on big Huncho. But if they indeed are willing to squeeze him between the likes of Austin Rivers, Lou Williams, Milos Teodosic, Avery Bradley - per NBA rules they'd be able to do so with no more than two 10-day contracts, before being forced to sign him on for the season.

Quavo dedicating the entire second half of the NBA season to traveling with an NBA squad maybe far fetched, but for a 10-day, 3-game stretch? Perhaps anything is possible.