As news circulates about the unfortunate and deadly shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida, celebs from all around have been speaking up on the matter. And for those celebs that are from Florida, this has really hit close to home for them. One of those celebs is XXXTentacion.

The rapper from Lauderhill, Florida, took to social media to express his thoughts on the shooting and to give his condolences to the families that lost someone. XXX wrote on his Instagram stories, "Aside from my previous post to address a serious matter, I issue my condolences to the families that lost anyone in that shooting that occurred in Broward today. my cousin attends the middle school in that same plaza, it is such a tragedy that this has happened."

Along with that message, XXX also announced that he plans on hosting a benefit show for the victims' families, "going to be hosting a show in Broward County and all of the money will go to the family's of the shooting in Broward County." He wrote on his Instagram story, "more information soon, please attend."

Though he hasn't announced all the details about the show, it definitely is great to see him doing all he possibly can to help. We're sure he won't be the only one!