Papoose recently sprung for an iced out chain bearing his name, and in an Instagram post he decided to give fans an explanation of where he got his nickname.

The New York rapper explained, "When I was born my grandmother gave me the nickname Papoose. Because she felt I resembled a Indian baby. Instead of saying baby, the Indians would say Papoose. She later died from #cancer So when I became a MC instead of creating a fictitious name, I kept the name she gave me. Out of respect & tribute... Just got the Ill custom chain made by @acedajewelerthe best jewler in town Where ever U see this #logo know I’m around!!!! #papoose the brand #ripvivianstrong #thebeginning on @itunesnow peace to @thakidshadow for working on the design with me!!!!!!"

Check out an up-close look above.